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My passion for food started very early. My mother is from Japan, so we always had a variety of meals at home. When I went vegan at 17, I started cooking for myself which was very fortunate because I moved to Japan alone a year later. Through many years of working in vegan restaurants, I was surrounded by a community that was filled with passion for food and cooking. In my journey for culinary experiences, I am finally at the point of being able to sell my own creations and even open a restaurant.

Who we are


My mother is a great cook, but I discovered my own passion for cooking when I went vegan. Initially, my kitchen was equipped only with salt and pepper, but after several months of intensive experimentation, I now create recipes with perfect consistency, refined spice combinations with appealing arrangements that directly animates others to try the recipes themselves. With dedication and perfection I always find new creations to inspire even more people for vegan recipes. A big dream of mine has always been to have my own cafe... and maybe this wish will soon come true ;)

With passion and determination towards the goal

When we met, we had no idea that we both had a hidden passion for making chocolates. And when we discovered that, we were blown away. Within four months we had everything, a concept, a name, many recipes and many more ideas. Despite organizational complications, we didn't want to give up on our goal: to bring affordable, good, vegan chocolates to the market. 

Complete enjoyment, without animal suffering

Variety that can be tasted

With a wide range of flavors at Manu-Vaktur you will find the right praline for every person and situation

As regional as possible

Since we don't have cocoa plantations in Austria, we can not get our chocolate completely locally. Therefore, we try even more to ensure that our other ingredients are as local and organic as possible.

Carefully handmade

Every praline is filled, closed and decorated by hand. We put great effort into making sure, that each praline complies to our standards.


Our products are made of chocolate and are therefore sensitive to heat. Since we do not use preservatives, our chocolates are limited in shelf life. Please store them refrigerated and enjoy them as soon as possible.

Allergies & Intolerances

Do you have any allergies or intolerances and cannot eat any of our chocolates? Then please write us a message. We know what a shame it is not to be able to eat something and want to make our chocolates accessible to as many people as possible. There are already low histamine chocolates in planning. Unfortunately, we can not promise anything but we do our best to make a praline for as many people as possible.


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